Immigration Attorney Chicago

When I overheard a co-worker talking about their brother coming to the US, I was excited for her because I knew that she had been wanted to see him for years, but hadn’t saved the money to bring him here. And the first thing I told her to do was call a Chicago immigration attorney to ensure that all of the paperwork was done correctly and that we didn’t miss any part of the process. I told her that a friend of mine made a simple mistake on paperwork and it put them back for months bringing their grandmother over to live with them in the states. If they could go back, they said the first thing they would have done with hire a Chicago immigration attorney.

She said her concern is that they wouldn’t treat her brother fairly because he didn’t speak the best English. I told her that didn’t matter because the best Chicago immigration attorney will either be able to speak the language he does, or they’ll ensure that they have someone that can. I also let her know that the immigration attorney in Chicago will have her families best interest at heart and would never treat them with disrespect. It was important to me that she understood the benefits of hiring a professional for this part of the process, and that it wouldn’t be a good idea to skip it.

The next day she asked me what other qualities I should look for in an immigration lawyer in Chicago, and I was pleased that she was still considering it because the day before she didn’t act like she was going to reach out to someone. I let her know that a Chicago immigration attorney will provide her with a free consultation and she should take advantage of it. It was at the free consultation that she would be able to explain her specific situation, as well as her brothers and the attorney, would listen and then create a plan that was designed specifically for us.

We didn’t talk about it again until she finally met with the immigration lawyer in Chicago. She gave me a huge hug and told me that he was a tremendous help and already had the paperwork in motion. She said the main reasons she called for the free consultation was because she felt stuck and didn’t know what her next move should be. Her brother didn’t either, and when she brought up calling a Chicago immigration attorney, he said he wish he had thought of this beforehand because it would have saved them a ton of time.

Last week was the first time I met my co-worker’s brother, and he was thrilled to be in the US. It was and exciting time, and even the Chicago immigration attorney sent his best wishes to the family. I love seeing families get and stay together, and in a way, I wish I would have gone into a service like the immigration lawyer in Chicago.